Meeting with Dominic, who we had been supporting for 10 years in the program of distant adoptions

When I found out, that I would fly to Nairobi for a CBRN workshop as an expert, I immediately started to prepare a plan to meet my adoptive boy (who is already 19 years old)  Dominic Mwangi. Dana – the director of Narovinu Centre helped me to connect  with my “adoptive son” Dominic and his Kenyan coordinator – Ken Okongo.

Our family had been supporting Dominic financially for almost 10 years enabling him to complete his primary education and significant part of his secondary education as well. Even though we do not support him anymore, the possibility and desire to meet was very strong and realistic. Once I had arrived to Nairobi and finalized my private program and plans in this exotic, but poor African country, I sent a couple of sms to the Kenyan coordinator Ken. It was a real pleasure to invite Dominic and Ken for dinner to the hotel I was staying at.

They both came and so we had an opportunity to discuss Dominic´s current  education, to talk about his hobbies and his plan for future. I gave both some small presents and a small financial support to Dominic for the purchase of school and sports supplies and various other small needs.

The two-hour meeting has engraved in my memory and soul forever. I was surprise by Dominic´s interests and questions about the life of my older daughter Zuzana, who had worked in Kenya some time ago. I brought with me a small family album from years 2013 and 2014 and so we could go over it together and talk about our family.

Otakar Mika, October 2014