News about the Czech and Kenyan Schools Partnership Programme

When the Partnership (Through Education towards a Universal Human Nation) programme supported by the EU came to the end of its third year, we had to make a step forward and work out a plan aiming to create a space allowing partnership schools to increase their mutual learning and inspire each other.

As children from nursery and elementary schools participated in the project, the experience activities and workshops were very simple and (when adjusted a bit) suitable for all age groups.

A one-school-year plan has been made and devided in three parts: 1. My country and my school; 2. My family – who I am; 3. My wishes. Preparing a celebration. Summary. The schools work on each of the topics for three months while sending outputs to its partner. This way, the schools have enough time for workshops, correspondence with their partner schools, feedback and final evaluation of the outputs from their counterpart's. The end of year is dedicated to a celebrating, summarizing, making discoveries, expressing wishes and presenting the outputs to friends, other classes, teachers, parents and the public.

The teachers play a role of active partners helping the children with the programme. They can also create links and use the topics when teaching different subjects (biology, geography, English, history, art etc.)

From January to April 2014, the schools exchanged their first materials regarding the theme My country and my school (see the photo gallery and videos).  We do appreciate the incredible creativity and enthusiasm on both sides! Thank you!

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