Other courses „Volunteers for development cooperation in Africa“ took place in March

March was full of courses for volunteers – two subsequent evenings took place in Prague (18th and 19th March) and a weekend course took place in Chocerady on the 23rd and 24th March. 12 people participated in Prague evenings and 8 people in Chocerady course.

The atmosphere was very action. There were debates about situation in Africa in general, problems and possible solutions, development projects and their value for future, particular projects of our association and possible involvement of volunteers.

Thanks for big interest and offer of help – we have new coordinators for project Adoption of African children – project of remote support, collaborators for help with propagation, sending out letters from children and administrative help, help with projects in schools etc. We highly appreciate offered help and are looking forward to more new meetings and collaboration. Next Prague course is planned for June, so if you are interested, write to us.