Press release:Coordinator of developing projects Ken Okongo from Kenya came to the Czech Republic

As a part of the project „Africa by Uncommon Eyes – Through Education towards a Universal Human Nation, Ken Okongo, one of the main coordinators of Centre Narovinu in Kenya came on Sunday to the Czech Republic.

Ken was a member of the partner organisation of Centre Narovinu in 2000 in Kenya and also of the 2 main projects of Distant adoption of African children and Island of Hope on Rusinga Island.

During his month-long stay there will be held a lot of presentations, workshops at schools and meetings of wide public. You are warmly welcome.

Come and meet personally the founder of the developing projects of Centre Narovinu in Kenya, talk about present life in the poorest areas and slums and get some news about the projects of international developing cooperation.

Wednesday 13.6. 15.00 – 21.00. Focused on Africa

 15.00 - 18.00 Africa through game workshops of African issues for children and youth

17.00 – 20.00 Discussions about development  topic Distant adoption of African children and developing projects

20.00 – 21.00 MUSIC PROGRAMME

 The programme will be completed by an exhibition of photographs and African products and by showing documentaries from Kenya. For more information see the leaflet.

At schools Ken will describe the African reality to children through interactive workshops and he will present African culture, its customs, music or everyday life in this way. We are choosing two schools from his rich programme:

If you are interested, we will be glad to send you the programme for the whole Czech Republic.

Monday 11.6. ZŠ Hostýnská, Praha 10 – discussions and workshops for I. and V. classes

Tuesday 12.6. ZŠ Grafická, Praha 5 – music workshop for the first level of primary school

Centre Narovinu is a civic association founded in 1995. Currently the main activities of Centre Narovinu are projects of foreign development cooperation, global education and development of voluntary work. It is a member of Czech Forum for development cooperation (FORS), and participates in the campaign Czech against Poverty. Developing projects in African Kenya have been organised since 2000.

Development projects are directed with great emphasis on long-lasting sustainability, support of self-sufficiency, transition from passive attitude to active taking over responsibility and use of own possibilities.

The main projects of Centre Narovinu:

• Africa by uncommon eyes –programmes at schools and for public in the Czech Republic. Now it is included in the project „Through education towards a universal human nation“ that was made with financial help of European Union. The aim is to intensify the knowledge of difficult life in developing countries and developing cooperation, to increase the awareness of uestions of develpins world and strengthen support of public for the area of foreign developing cooperation.

• Adoption of African children – project of distant support

• Minishop Africa in "Fair Trade" style

• Courses „Volunteers for developing cooperation in Africa“

• Developing projects : Community centre Island of Hope on Rusinga Island / Kenya

• Developing projects: Water for Kauti / Kenya

• Partnership of Czech and Kenyan schools

Thank you for your attention to this activity and we are looking forward to meeting you. In case of any question we are here for you.

Best regards, 

for Centre Narovinu

Simona Heřtusová
mobil 608 301 270
Centrum Narovinu, Tyršova 1, 120 00 Praha 2