Project Water for Kauti continues with building of irrigation system

On Thursday 13.9 our colleague Petr Chaloupka flew to Kenya to help start the next part of the project Water for Kauti – irrigation system. 

Until now everything goes smoothly – work on the dam and water reservoir. The lengths are measured – between the damp, the main tank (above Kauti market) and the next tank (on the top of the ridge at farm King´oo). 

These places are very good, from both there will be possible to supply a large area by water and for the future hopefully enlargement will be able, too...

The irrigation system in the planned form will contain 2 tanks (50+30m3), a feeding pipe and also a line of the distribution pipe, which will be in future available for next consumers from the location. During this phase the community in Kauti will carry out a spring Yanzonga remediation , as well as it was the last year by Muthala. Everything is supposed to by finished until the end of November. We wish good luck.

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