Publishing of the contract – Building of the orphanage on Rusinga Island in Kenya

The organisation NAROVINU realizes a project of a health centre on Rusinga Island on Victoria Lake in western part of Kenya, which is in process since May 2010. During that time we treated 9 700 patients, made 5 700 laboratory examinations, vaccinated 7 000 children. 141 babies were born until today here. 

From October 2011 to September 2013 we gained a grant MZV SR – Slovakaid to run the hospital, which covers the costs for medical material, medicaments, staff of local nurses. In cooperation with College of St. Elizabeth we organise missions of our doctors. 

A part of a new project, financed by Slovakaid is also building of a new orphanage for 20 children. The building company was chosen in a process of a tender and the building will be held from May to September 2012. 

The winner of the tender is the company RADIUS AFRIKA with its centre in Nairobi. The contract was signed 4.4.2012. 

The attachement includes the subject of the contract with the building company. 

Eva Hlavatá, the coordinator of the project
kontact : +421905424914, hlavata@hosping.sk

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