Run for Africa


I am writing to you on behalf of the Basic school Mokrá (Wet) – district Brno-rural area as late as the beginning of the summer school holidays (sorry for the delay). We would like to share with you our great experience – one of the nicest for me personally during this school year – which was an event called “Run for Africa.” We organized the event in order to raise funds /school fees for our adopted boy Vincent.  In the previous years we managed to obtain funds through paper recycling, but this year one of my colleagues had an idea to raise the funds by “running”. She found the sponsors from the local school area, we made posters and off we went.

For me it was a marvellous experience for one more reason – the weather forecast was pretty awful and from the very morning till about 2 pm we were seriously thinking about cancelling or postponing the whole event to the next week. On the top of everything just before the event start (2 pm) there was a severe thunderstorm with huge hailstones and we had to move everything from outside inside, thou we hadn´t managed to save everything and many things were left in the rain. We were watching the havoc with my colleague for over 10 minutes and trying to figure out a plan how to cancel the event. But all of a sudden a group of kids appeared at the sports ground wearing raincoats, some just with umbrellas and started to run. So the decision was made, we didn´t have to worry anymore and the event had started. There was another shower after about 30 minutes followed by sunshine which stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon – till 5 pm. For me this was a proof that if you are guided by a good will, everything is possible. Obstacles turn to advantages – thanks to the storm the air cleared, the dust disappeared which made the running easier.

So this is the experience I wanted to share with you. That is down to your organization that we are able to support a good thing, to get inspired and create various similar activities and events like this one. Both children and parents enjoyed the event very much and I think that we managed to create an atmosphere that felt really good. The parents had a chance to talk among themselves and kids experienced a relaxed and non-stressful time at school.

Moreover, even in today´s financial crisis we were able to raise an unbelievable amount of 30,000 CZK.  There was a donation for every round the kids completed, but the kids were so motivated to get as much money as possible, they kept running rounds, more than what their parents and sponsors had presumed and so the end we had to send a message to parents and  sponsors asking them to donate only the amount they could afford.

» Photos from the event

I also attach the final report that summarizes everything in a well arranged way.

I wish you all a lovely summer!

Martina Fránková

Discussions, tours, classroom and school events

Organized by: Jana Kubáňová, Martina Fránková

Date: 22. 5. 2013

Beginning: 14:00 hod.

Time span (number of hours): 3

Location: School sports ground

Event Name: Run for Africa

Number of pupils and other participants: 156

all classes


Event report:

On May 22, 2013 something extraordinary happened at the sports ground of the Basic School Mokra. Around 2pm in the middle of rain, just a few minutes after a hailstorm, a couple of daredevils, undaunted by the weather, appeared at the school´s sports ground and launched the beneficiary event in support of our adopted boy Vincent Opunda from Kenya. The sports ground gradually filled by runners and during the following 3 hours the total number reached 156 of them. They completed 3 871 rounds in total, which made 774,2 km. There was a donation fee of 1 CZK for every completed round, which was funded by the sponsor – a company called TASY. If the runner had managed to find his own sponsor, he raised even more money. The energy booster was provided by a Restaurant U Zbojnika (At the brigant) and the village called Mokra-Horakova. Radek Meluzin lent us the sound system equipment which was operated during the event by Ondra Meluzin.

Vincent is 12 years old. He is the youngest of the 8 kids in the family. We adopted him 5 years ago and have already received 15 letters from him. We support him every year via the Narovinu Centre by raising funds for his school fees in the amount of 7200,- CZK.

And a few more numbers. One round at the sports ground measures 200 metres. There were in total 156 runners who supported the event, out of which 124 came from our school pupils, 15 were preschool kids, 9 adults and 8 teachers. 80 runners had their own sponsor. The best runner was the athlete from the 6th grade – Honza Unger, who completed 111 rounds, which is 22,2km. Four other runners Zdeněk Novotný – 5th grade, Tom Novotný -  4.A, Bedřich Horný -  4.A a Klárka Horná - 3.B completed more than 100 rounds. 21 runners managed to complete more than 50 rounds. The general sponsor – TASY Company donated 5,000 CZK and the sponsor of Klara Zenozickova from 6th grade, a company called SEMO, donated 4,000 CZK. Thanks to sponsors´ generosity we managed to raise 32,166 CZK in total during this event.

The Run for Africa was a real success despite the weather. Many thanks to all who supported this event – the runners, the organizers and the sponsors.