Thank you in advance for your 2%!

Just as last year we would like to apply for 2% of your taxes, that only you decide about. Thank you, we do need them.
Within the scope of the development support of the Slovak Republic, we managed to obtain a grant of 280,000 € for a construction of a boarding school at the Rusinga Island of the lake Victoria in western Kenya. Our own participation equals to 10%, which means that we have to secure over 30,000€ from our own sources. The boarding school will enable continuity of the education at our community centre Island of Hope, where we already operate a 8-year primary school, a nursery school, an orphanage for 80 children, as well as a 24-hour medical centre. We also provide daily catering for 400 children.

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Necessary data for the donation:

Name of Organization: Humanist Centre NAROVINU
Legal Entity: non profit organisation
Registered address: Kollárová 759/1, Pliešovce 96263
ID No: 37999401

Documents available for download:
» Vyhlásenie o poukázaní sumy do výšky 2 % (3 %) zaplatenej dane
» Vyhlásenie o poukázaní sumy do výšky 2 % (3 %) zaplatenej dane (PDF)
» Potvrdenie o zaplatení dane z príjmov
All important and relevant information regarding the 2(3)% donation can be also found at: www.rozhodni.sk

Thank you kindly for your support.