Coronavirus in Kenya

Dear adoptive parents and dear supporters and friends of the Center Narovinu,

We would like to inform you about the latest developments in Kenya. Kenya has reported 50 confirmed cases of the corona virus infection, but it has not been practically tested as of yet. Testing works only in 3 clinics across the country. In Kenya, a country with a population of 50 million inhabitants, only 130 beds are currently available for intensive care and 200 nurses have been trained for this purpose. The Kenyan government had closed all schools and universities, banned rallies, free movement of people, and introduced a curfew from 7pm to 5am. Our office in Nairobi is operating in Home Office mode.

Measures to prevent infection hardly work at all. It is difficult to maintain a safe distance between people in densely populated neighbourhoods and slums, where there is also catastrophic hygiene and lack of water. A major problem is also seen in big families where all generations live together. Families have no way of finding how to get masks, disinfectants or food.

In connection with this difficult situation, we decided to take several measures:

At this time, we strongly DISCLAIM sending packages and letters by mail. All packages arriving at the post office must be picked up within 4 days; otherwise our office must pay fines for each day of delay. Unfortunately, due to movement restrictions, it is very difficult for the office and volunteer coordinators to pick up letters and packages, nor will they be able to hand them over to children in the near future.

If you want to support your child in this difficult situation, you can send EXTRA PAYMENT for food, hygiene and medical devices. However, we must point out that we will not be able to provide feedback for many families. By default, volunteer coordinators help children make purchases in person and send us feedback (photos, letters, receipts) as proof that the purchase was made. However, in this moment, our ability to organize in Kenya is limited to phone and internet contact only. We must not force coordinators to go outside, nor do we want to risk their health and safety. Therefore, money will be sent directly to the mobile phones of our families via our accountant, so the purchase itself will be the responsibility of the families and only those with smart phones will be able to send us the purchase information (photos and receipts).

We are approaching a new period of HEALTH INSURANCE. This is another way to support the health of "your" children. Therefore, if you can pay "your" children’s health insurance, it will be a very valuable support and help at this point. You will receive comprehensive health insurance information next week.

In connection with this situation, we also announce a COLLECTION for the Island of Hope Clinic on Rusinga Island. This is the only functional clinic on the island, and we would like to support it by purchasing additional protective equipment, oxygen bombs and masks, enough medicines and, if the situation so requires, additional staff. This would prepare us for a time when it will be necessary to help a large number of people in the area as quickly as possible. You can send contributions to our collection account number 107-6829480277 / 0100, variable symbol of clinic 910 (account in Slovakia in EUR: 4001055909/7500, IBAN: SK1375 0000 0000 4001055909, BIC / SWIFT: CEKOSKBX, s.: 910). Thank you in advance for your support, even a small contribution would help a lot.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you all the best!

Your Centrum Narovinu