Coronavirus in Kenya – Collection for the Island of Hope Clinic

In connection with this situation, we also announce a COLLECTION for the Island of Hope Clinic on Rusinga Island. This is the only functional clinic on the island, and we would like to support it by purchasing additional protective equipment, oxygen bombs and masks, enough medicines and, if the situation so requires, additional staff. This would prepare us for a time when it will be necessary to help a large number of people in the area as quickly as possible.

You can send contributions to our collection account number 107-6829480277 / 0100, variable symbol of clinic 910 (account in Slovakia in EUR: 4001055909/7500, IBAN: SK1375 0000 0000 4001055909, BIC / SWIFT: CEKOSKBX, s.: 910). Thank you in advance for your support, even a small contribution would help a lot.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you all the best!

Your Centrum Narovinu