Current fundraising campaigns of Centre Narovinu for direct help in Kenya

The whole situation in Kenya is quite troublesome – the number of infected people is growing. The schools will stay closed at least till the end of May, there is a curfew in place, capital cities are closed and many people have lost all of their income while there is no social security system in place. On top of that, Kenya is dealing with flooding and grasshopper invasion that have a very negative effect on the harvest. We can´t even imagine, how many families and children in Kenya currently suffer from hunger.

Health and access to basic foods is  is really the most important thing at the moment, which is why we have announced two collections to directly help people in Kenya:


Fund-raiser for the Island of Hope clinic, so that we can provide health care in this urgent situation on the Rusinga Island (purchase of protective equipment, oxygen, medicine, disinfection, isolation of infectious patients, etc.)


Fund-raiser for purchase and distribution of safety food packages to families in need in the whole of Kenya – help for all the children and students in our long-distance adoption program and selected families of teachers and other employees of the schools with whom we cooperate and who have found themselves in a critical state due to the blanket closing of schools.

Financial contributions to both of these fund-raisers can be sent to the Czech account in CZK 107-6829480277/0100, to the Slovakian account in Euros: 4001055909/7500 (IBAN: SK1375000000004001055909, BIC/SWIFT: CEKOSKBX), or to our Czech Euro account (for contributions from abroad, SEPA payment in Euros): 35-3076360217/0100 (IBAN: CZ5001000000353076360217, BIC/SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX)

Variable symbol for support of the health clinic: 910
Variable symbol for safety food packages: 200

Thank you very much in advance for your support and efforts to address the situation in Kenya with us and to support more children and people in need.