DINO SCHOOL supports project of Centrum Narovinu

Our cooperation started on November 1st, 2017 with ‘Africa seen with remarkable eyes’ in a form of debates for students of our school. The children in our kindergarten listened to Afri-can fairy tale and learned about different ways of life of people living in Africa. Students of the primary school participated in two discussions that were combination of photo show and discussion on African Kenya and local community center on Rusinga Island that among other things provides education to children. Students of secondary grammar school also participated in 2 debates where students could discuss and ask any questions about Africa and Kenya. Since we did not really dedicate any school event to Africa before, it was very useful for all students. Since the presenter was herself in Kenya many times and knows the local environment very well, it was not just a theory but also personal experience shared which was the most interesting part for all students.

Based on this debate, all class teachers were offered different forms of cooperation to support the children in Kenya. Since the community center on Rusinga Island has kindergarten, primary as well as secondary schools, it corresponds with the system of our school as it also has all 3 levels of education. It is the reason why we decided to support this community center. 6 classes of primary school and 3 classes of secondary school chose to support Rusinga Island with production of teaching gadgets. One class of primary school decided to organize a collection of materials and 3 classes of primary school and 1 class of secondary school decided they would like to exchange letters with their counterparts on Rusinga Island. Additionally, one class of secondary school and 8 classed of primary school decided they would like to support long distance adoption and enable local children to go to school. The children from our kindergarten decided they would like to draw some pictures with winter theme for their friends in Kenya. And finally, one class from secondary school decided they would like to become partners with class of their age from community center on Rusinga Island.

All classes managed to implement their form of support so our school was full of teaching gadgets, toys as well as letters. Since our students also wear uniforms, we also decided to send T-shirts and shirts with logo of our school to community center on Rusinga Island which we hope the students in Rusinga Island will be able to wear and make use of.

At the moment, we are discussing the specific form of the partnership of one of our classes from secondary school and class of community center on Rusinga Island. This partnership will be based on the development of materials on the same topic and their exchange. We hope this will lead to mutual enhancement of both our and Kenyan children. Since we are an ethical school, we very much care that our students are open to other cultures and do not follow stereotypes and xenophobia. The presented forms for cooperation are the best way to reach the goal. We would like to thank the Narovinu Center and wish all the best!

Mgr. Ondřej Zaorálek, deputy director of secondary grammar DINO SCHOOL

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