Examples of interesting extra payments

Extra payments are extraordinary one-time payments that adoptive parents can send to their children in addition to the regular payments for school fees. The extra payments can serve various purposes: they can be used to help the family in a difficult life situation (for example by buying food), to buy a bicycle or a  laptop (which will help the students in their studies), to support a business idea (of students that have already finished their education), etc. We have decided to limit the number of extra payments due to organizational and personal reasons to  one payment per trimester and we always try to make sure the payment is really needed.

Mark Omondi (ID 41876) studies at Nairobi Industrial Institute. He lives far from school and it takes him 3,5 hours to get there. The boy has to get up at 4 o´clock in the morning in order to make it to school on time. He doesn´t get back home until 9 p.m. Mark asked his adoptive parent to buy him a bicycle which would help him get to school faster. Now, it only takes him an hour to get there and so he has more time after school to study and prepare for the next day.

The adoptive parent of  Ruth Akinyi Kipasi (ID 51634) wanted to help Ruth´s family to be more self-sustainable - Ruth has 8 siblings who are taken care of by their mother while their father is old and sick. She wanted to buy something for the family, which would bring them a long-term benefit. In the end, she decided buy them two cows, which will give them regular supply of milk. The rest of the money from the extra payment was used to buy food for the family as well as for the animals.

Jitka Motejzíková