Find 5 Differences…

“These two photos are separated by themselves for exactly 10 years. In the spring of 2007, our school decided to support the education of an African child in the form of adopting at a distance. At the Center Narovinu, the election was completely random, and we selected a girl named Muthina Munywoki from Kenya on their website. We learned from her that she was born in 2000, comes from a poor agricultural family, lives in the countryside, and is the youngest of five siblings. The photo of a little girl who nervously grumbles something in her hand just fell into my eye.

However, it was not easy to choose who ever broke into this database of children seeking an adoptive parent knows that there are plenty of children there and they are all the same – they all need someone’s help. We have been supporting Muthin for eleven years and now she is a high school student!

Thanks to this project, pupils learn about how they live in other parts of the world, learn about human solidarity and willingness to help. Whether they will help once in any way and in every way. They also form an opinion on the importance of education. In our conditions, the possibility of attending school in the eyes of most schoolchildren is a duty, but thanks to the long-distance adoption project, we can realize that there are places in the world where it is quite different where children would like to go to school and learn, but their Parents can not afford it.”

Bohunka Dusíková, ZŠ Kladruby

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