French fries true story – the long-distance adoption helps entire families

This is a true story about adoption number 52223, Beatrice Mueni who is in standard two. Her adoptive parents supported her family in 2015 when her mother wrote a letter of what they were going through as a family. Thanks to the adoptive parent who gave some extra payment and I supervised the family in doing shopping.

We bought a bed, mattress, bed sheets, blankets, mosquito nets and kitchen utensils. We paid rent which was in arrears and bought food which lasted for two months. When we delivered all this items, their neighbours were shocked but later on they rejoiced for what Betrice’s adoptive parent had done to her family. Imagine the family was sleeping on the floor without a mattress and a blanket, and when it rained, the water flooded their one roomed house. There was a big relief when the extra payment was brought to the family. The area chief paid them a visit to confirm what the neighbours had shared with him in his office about Betrice’s family and the good work that Centrum Narovinu is doing in Kenya.

The adoptive parents brought another extra payment, I discussed with the family and we agreed that they should start a small business. So we bought a machine for making chips, chips dryer, chips cutter a chips warmer, two big spoons, twenty litres of liquid cooking oil and two sacks of charcoal. Betrice’s started preparing chips next to her house and her first customers were children from a near by school who came to buy from her everyday. Her other customers were the community members who promoted her. She would start her job at eight o'clock in the morning until seven o'clock in the evening. After a month, she employed two ladies who are now working with her.

In January 201, Betrice’s mother told me that she can now educate her daughter on her own. So she decided to relocate her business to her rural home in Kitui County where she is continuing with her business.

Thanks to Betrice’s adoptive parent for her committed support to this family.

Coordinator Alice Kavulani Mugivane on behalf of Betrice Mueni’s family

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