Gift certificates “Pay it forward” help children in Kenya

The Narovinu Center started in 2014 a campaign ‘Pay it forward’ to support its development projects in Kenya. In this campaign, it is possible to contribute with one-time donation to specific items for Adoption of African children – long distance support project or community centre of ‘Island of Hope’ on Rusinga Island.

The fair trade shop of Narovinu Centre offers many gift certificates of different value in three main categories:

1) Donate education (school bag, school things, school books, school fee…)
2) Donate health (regular medical treatment, specialized treatment, birth…)
3) Donate hope (for children in orphanage in Island of Hope: mosquito- curtain, food, books, chickens, mattress…)

Anyone can support with what makes the most sense to him or her and meets his/ her idea of ‘real’ help. For example, you can buy school books and in this campaign you can ‘pay it forward’ – which means to send them directly to child in need in African Kenya. You then get a gift certificate with photo of the school books which confirms your purchase of the given value. As thank you, you will also get an original African good luck bracelet directly from Kenya. These gift certificates have such an interesting graphic design they are also very nice present for your beloved ones or your friends. And it is always very good to have such an option if you want to make someone happy and do not want to spend money on silly things and support consumerism, but you want to do a nice gesture and support someone else on the other side of the world in a meaningful way.

Since the beginning of the campaign ‘Pay it forward’ until the end of 2016, the following amounts have been collected and used for those who needed them most during this period of time in Kenya:

1) Donate education – 60 150,– CZK
This amount was used for purchase of school books and school things for primary and secondary school of Island of Hope.
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2) Donate health – 26 200,– CZK
This program covers medical treatment costs for those who have no other way of paying for urgent medical care. Unfortunately, as these medical care costs are always very high, this amount was just a small contribution to save 2 very small patients – small Emmanuel from Mombasa and new born baby Marie Kitha from Rusinga Island. We are very happy that also thanks to this contribution, we could literally save life of these two children and today, they are both doing well.

Emmanuel from Mombasa – this handsome boy was found as new born baby by the dust bins in Mombasa in January 2016. Our volunteer coordinator Doris is taking care of him since then as she found him by coincidence and saved his life with her fast reaction and help. Unfortunately, at the end of 2016 Emmanuel got sick with very serious inflammation of intestines. After several rounds of antibiotics and incorrect treatment he was dehydrated, undernourished and with strong inflammations in his body. His serious health issues required immediate hospitalization and long medication on dropping funnel and alimentation artificial.
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Marie Kitha from Rusinga Island – this baby girl was born on our clinic and everything seemed to be fine. Nevertheless, after few days, it was obvious she is loosing weight as she is not able to ingest food. Her digestive system was not developed enough and was not working well and she needed an immediate operation. Our doctor diagnosed her and confirmed intestinal atresia. She was hospitalized in specialized hospital in Kisomu and well-timed operation saved life of little Marie Kitha – small sister of one of our long term ‘adopted’ students.
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3) Donate hope – 21 580,– CZK
This amount was used for purchase of equipment needed for the orphanage of the Island Hope – matrasses and mosquito curtains. Since the island on Victoria Lake is highly malarious area, the new impregnated mosquito-curtains are very import for health protection of our children. Sleeping under mosquito- curtain is ‘must do’ in this area.
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Thank you for supporting children in Kenya.

Dana Feminová