A gift for the Island of Hope on its 18th birthday

The Island of Hope is celebrating its beautiful full age this year, and we are dedicating 18 symbolic events to it. If you want to join the congratulations, send a Christmas gift. You will be supporting the education and healthcare of the children of the Island of Hope.

The contribution of CZK 100 will buy one mosquito net, CZK 200 will provide one child with the necessary treatment for common illnesses, CZK 300 will cover school supplies for the whole year, CZK 400 will cover one child's specialized examination, CZK 500 will contribute to textbooks and better teaching, CZK 1,000 will buy a mattress, CZK 2,000 will purchase classroom furniture for one child, and CZK 5,000 will cover one child's school fees for one school term, including accommodation and meals.

Contributions can be sent to the collection account in the Czech Republic in CZK: 107-6829480277/0100, account in Slovakia in EUR: 4001055909/7500 (IBAN: SK1375000000004001055909, BIC/SWIFT: CEKOSKBX), account in the Czech Republic in EUR (contributions from abroad, SEPA payment in EUR): 35-3076360217/0100 (IBAN: CZ5001000000353076360217, BIC/SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX) or also by card via the payment gateway. Thank you in advance for your support!

All the events that support the Island of Hope for its 18th birthday, as well as a couple of videos showing the life of families on Rusinga Island, can be found here.