Good people are still alive, and that's cool finding!

„I am happy I can contribute to the fair faith of a few polite people of this planet. I am lucky I can afford to pay a tuition fee of a young girl, which is not a lot, and also health insurance that seems  to be at this part of the world as something luxurious. I hope she will be one of those few who will manage to get education and later influence „course of life“ in the large, unfair and a little bit ignored continent.

And one more relevant thing – the joy that I had when I received the first letter of Pauline was great, all the family read it. It is obvious that this girl, as well as many others all around the world, has her dreams, desires and wishes. I could fulfill at least one – she wished a football match, I hope she is already kicking with her friends."

Marta Vašíčková

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