My reply to the question „how many kids do you have“ is four. Two daugters in Czech and two in Africa, in Kenya. I adopted Odri in 2007 when she was seven and was attending 1st grade at basic school. I choose her together with my daughters from the database of children waiting for their adoptive parents. Odri had an amazing smile. We agreed to do everything to keep that smile on her face. This year she is attending third grade of a secondary school and is on her way to fulfil the dream of becoming a lawyer.

Regina was adopted as a three-years old in 2012. She is attending „our“ school on Rusinga Island. She likes it there very much. She is nifty girl eager for knowledge. To be closer to my Kenyan girls I became a volunteer and then coordinator of adoptions. Thanks to that I met many great and kind people. I am really happy to be a part of Centre Narovinu at least a little bit. I am happy to help with organization of meetings and various events. And I am glad that my Czech daughters got involved too. As adoptive mother I can´t wait to get letters and photos from Kenya. The moment we received a few words written by little Regina herself – like I love you Mirka – I can´t describe the feeling. It is the best and the most beautiful reward you can imagine.

Mirka Mirňáková

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