Information on the current situation in Kenya not just for adoptive parents

Dear adoptive parents,

we have received many questions from you and we understand that you are worried about your adopted children. We all find ourselves in a very demanding and uncertain time, which is all the more difficult for the countries, which had struggled with poverty long before this crises started. Now that we have held an online meeting with our colleagues from the Nairobian office, with whom we discussed the current state of affairs in Kenya and the way we can help our children in this difficult time, we bring you an update on the whole situation.

Unfortunately, the news are not very positive and the whole situation is quite troublesome – the number of infected people is growing. The schools will stay closed at least till the end of May, there is a curfew in place, capital cities are closed and many people have lost all of their income while there is no social security system in place. On top of that, Kenya is dealing with flooding and grasshopper invasion that have a very negative effect on the harvest. We can´t even imagine, how many families and children in Kenya currently suffer from hunger.

Therefore, we thank you for health insurance and other extra payments your sent to your children For many families from our program, it is their only chance to get food and health care. Until the end of May, you can still pay the health insurance for your children (1500,- Kč). If you are considering an extra payment for food, even 500,- Kč will make a big difference, covering the most important foods such as corn, beans and rice for a few weeks.

We completely understand, that even some of you find yourselves in difficult situations and need to deal with your own problems in result of the current crises. Therefore, we have tried to find ways to help the children in our program as soon as possible. After careful consideration, we have decided to use half the money for the children´s second trimester to buy safety food packages for families in crises. Now, the most important is that all our children, but also teachers and other school employees stay healthy and can return to school as soon as the situation allows for it. The second half of the school fees for second trimester will stay on the bank account for now. If the schools re-open during the second trimester and children will return to school, the money will be used for school payments. If the schools won´t open, we will use the second half of the money for other emergency food packages.

We have also decided to organise a special fund-raising campaign in order to quickly buy and distribute even more food. Health and access to basic foods is really the most important thing at the moment.

We are very grateful for all your support and effort to deal with this situation together. Please don´t take the information about the fund-raiser as an appeal for more money. We really appreciate the help you have already provided for the children in the adoption program. Nevertheless, we will appreciate if you can share the information with others so that together we can support as many children and people in need as possible.

Finally, we would like to ask for your patience regarding materials for the first trimester. Schools are closed and don´t give out progress reports at the moment. Furthermore, the post offices are currently not working. Our Kenyan office and the local volunteers will start collecting the materials from your children as soon as it is possible. So don´t worry, you will receive everything, only a little later than usual.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation and we wish you good health!

Your Centre Narovinu




The amount of money is entirely up to you. In this situation, any financial contribution to the families will be very helpful. You can send the money to the Czech account: 19-1460510217/0100 / the Czech EURO account: 35-3076360217/100, IBAN: CZ50 0100 0000 3530 7636 0217, BIC: KOMBCZPP or the Slovakian EURO account: 4001055909/7500 (IBAN: SK1375000000004001055909, BIC/SWIFT: CEKOSKBX). Variable symbol is 3 + number of „your“ child from the database of adopted children (for example 341023).


You can get your child insured for the period of June to May by sending 1 500 Kč to our Czech account: 19-1460510217/0100 or 60 Euros to our Czech EURO account: 35-3076360217/100, IBAN: CZ50 0100 0000 3530 7636 0217, BIC: KOMBCZPP or Slovakian account: 4001055909/7500, IBAN: SK1375000000004001055909, BIC/SWIFT: CEKOSKBX) by the end of May. Variable symbol is 6 + number of „your“ child from the database of adopted children (for example 641023).




Fund-raiser for the Island of Hope clinic, so that we can provide health care in this urgent situation on the Rusinga Island (purchase of protective equipment, oxygen, medicine, disinfection, isolation of infectious patients, etc.)


Fund-raiser for purchase and distribution of safety food packages to families in need in the whole of Kenya – help for all the children and students in our long-distance adoption program and selected families of teachers and other employees of the schools with whom we cooperate and who have found themselves in a critical state due to the blanket closing of schools.

Financial contributions to both of these fund-raisers can be sent to the Czech account in CZK 107-6829480277/0100, to the Slovakian account in Euros: 4001055909/7500 (IBAN: SK1375000000004001055909, BIC/SWIFT: CEKOSKBX), or to our Czech Euro account (for contributions from abroad, SEPA payment in Euros): 35-3076360217/0100 (IBAN: CZ5001000000353076360217, BIC/SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX)

Variable symbol for support of the health clinic: 910
Variable symbol for safety food packages: 200