Introducing the story of Regina

Regina's parents are old, her mother sells water and earns about 3,000 Ksh per month (about 600 CZK) for rent and food. Regina's sister is mentally disabled, and Regina has foot problems and cannot walk properly, so she uses a wheelchair. Regina studies International Relations, a four-year bachelor program, at United States International University – Africa.

She enjoys studying International Relations and is very passionate about studying. The girl is an excellent student, and since the autumn semester 2016, when she joined, she has had only A from the exams, only a few times B. She is very active at school and was elected in the school elections as the official representative of the disabled so that she will promote the topic of integration of disabled students. In her spare time, she is engaged in fundraising on television and social networks and attends educational seminars on this topic.

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Regina already have adoptive parent, but you can support other children in the program:

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Do you like the project, but the current situation does not allow you to adopt and support the education of children in Kenya via long-distance adoption? Join the Club of Friends of Adoption. Even a symbolic regular monthly amount will help children very much, thank you.  ❤️

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