KAWAK supports Island of Hope

KAWAK are recycled bags made of jute coffee sacks. We process “waste” from Czech coffee-roasting plants, which is also beautiful and solid material perfect for carrying things. From each bag we sell, we contribute 100,- Kč to the project Island of Hope of Center Narovinu.

Last year before Christmas, we organized recycling workshops at SLOU Fashion Days, the proceeds of which were also used to support Island of Hope. We are very happy that in this way we could contribute 3 080,-Kč to this beautiful project.

And what is new at KAWAK? In our e-shop www.kawak.cz you can buy a shoulder bag or a really big bag ideal for a farmer´s market, picnic or wherever you need to comfortably carry a bigger amount of things. This year we also add simple smaller bags for zero-waste shopping of potatoes and other vegetables. In June, you can meet us at Slou Days. If you like the KAWAK project, please like and add us on Facebook or Instagram.

Věra Severinová
The founder of the KAWAK project