Marie and David story

I went to Rusinga Island in 2010 for half a year to work there as doctor-volunteer. This is where I met with Narovinu Center and their projects. Somehow during this time, the clinic and all the children on from the Hope Island became very dear to me which is why I keep on coming back on regular basis. Together with my colleague we also cooperate long-distance with the clinic’s staff. But before I left Rusinga, I adopted child via Narovinu Center. I was lucky as David was looking for Sponsor at the same time. David was boy from the orphanage so I actually adopted a boy I was living close to for several months :)

David got to the orphanage after both of his parents passed away and his grandparents were not able to provide enough food for him. Shortly after he got to the orphanage, also he lost his younger brother which was very hard for him. This is why he was even more aware the future of his family is with him and the only way for brighter future is a good education. He was very hard working, social, smart and he was helping his younger classmates.

More than 6 years passed since then, David will be 20 this year and he is in his last year of secondary school. I have to say he is turning into bright young man who makes both his grandparents and me very happy!

Marie Langová