My journey to adoption

In 2016, I decided to financially contribute to the education of children in poorest parts of the world. After many weeks of difficult decision making I chose to support a young man, who was about to go to the second year of University of Kabianga. His name is Collins Omondi Otiende. For the first year of university, Collins managed to get the necessary money in his own village but he needed more help in order to be able to continue with his studies. Besides studying, Collins also helps at the community centre Island of Hope.

I haven´t decided for long-distance adoption out of sympathy, or in order to impress my friends with photos of my new „son“. Perhaps my motivation rose from the reality of not having my own children and the need to contribute to the restoration of human society.

Support of education as well as fair trade solves the roots of problems. That´s why I don´t consider such forms of help a charity but a mutually beneficial matter. Education of the poorest people of the planet can lead to a global revolution in justice and stop population growth before it´s stopped by global lack of drinking water and food.  And it also has one amazing characteristic- it is contagious.

I wish everyone who contributes to this vision of the future, whether by donating money or by volunteering, that their efforts will bring the sweetest and healthiest fruit.

Jiří Danihel