News from Kenya for adoptive parents

Dear adoptive parents,

We hope you are all fine. We would like to provide you with up-to-date information from Kenya regarding the children's studies and the sending of packages.

In Kenya, an examination regime has been in force since 18th October – there are only the 4th and 8th grades of primary schools and the 4th grades of secondary schools currently in schools due to school testing and transitions to further levels of education.

In the case of colleges and universities, we continuously pass on information from Kenya to the adoptive parents of the students concerned. Some schools have started online distance learning, some are also starting full-time teaching, so it is different at each school.

We are monitoring and waiting for the situation, because the opening of schools has, of course, brought a lot of dissenting opinions, as well as new cases of infected Covid-19. However, the government lacks information on what to do in such a case and how to protect other classmates and teachers. In Kenya, for example, the quarantine system does not work, etc.

Regarding the sending of letters and parcels to Kenya, please respect, once again, the suspension of the possibility of the sending of mail to Kenya. Packages and letters arrive to the central post office in Kenya, and they then need to be picked up and sorted according to the coordinators who have to pick them up and travel with them to the regions so that they can pass them on to the children. We do not want to unnecessarily expose our coordinators to threatening situations such as travelling by Kenyan public transport. We ask for respect and solidarity. Children and families in Kenya are aware of the limitations of mail and it could well continue without mail for another few months. Thank you for your understanding and your huge support, even in these difficult times.

Wishing you all good health,

Your Center Narovinu