Peterson successfully graduated from university. The feeling of joy and pride of the adoptive parent was enormous.

Hello Mrs. Feminova,

I do not know if you still remember, but a few years ago, we coordinated our sponsorship activities in favor of the child we had selected.

My name is Jaroslav Vlasák, and my wife and I wanted to help any little person who needs our help somewhere in the world.

Therefore, we contacted the “Centrum Narovinu” in spring 2004 and chose a child whom we wanted to ease his youth at least partially.

 Our chosen child is called Okumu Peterson Gillumba, who came from Kisumu Island, Kenya. He was six at the time, his mother had died, and his father had taken care of Okum, but also his four siblings. It was his difficult fate that was decisive for our choice. Mrs. Lucie Valtová was the contact person at the time.

Our adopted son (numbered 50680 in your database) took first grade in 2004. I will skip a number of years that our sponsorship has continued. Our adoptive son has successfully completed elementary school and continued with our support at high school. Our sponsorship ended with successful graduation.

But we stayed in touch, and our adoptive son continued his studies at the university.!

He successfully completed his studies, as is apparent from his attached letter:

Hello Dad, how do you do? Hope fine. It is another opportunity, for which I thank God, to be able to reach you and have a conversation.

The attachment was over and the defenses were a success, though tiresome and draining. Also, it was unfortunate that we were all released by the attached organization after PEPFAR cut-off their donation by 42% forcing the organization to send home many of their staffs. Nevertheless, I have, in the past one month, moved to Nairobi which is Kenya’s Capital, to pay visits to a few organizations which I find relevant for an internship or job but with no/low response.

Finally, the date is here with us and it is Friday 6th December, 2019. Therefore, it is with great humility that I welcome you Dad and your family to the 14th graduation ceremony at Masinde Muliro University. Thank you Dad for your support in the long journey since childhood until now, Thanks so much and be blessed.

You will certainly agree with me that the feeling of joy and pride is probably justified!

My wife and I would like to thank you for the work that allowed us to help one African person to change his life fundamentally! Perhaps we can not quite well imagine how.

Greetings and I wish you personal success in merit.

Jaroslav Vlasák