Phaustine´s parents named their daughter Vivian Lenka

14 years ago, I decided to take part in the program of long-distance adoption. I didn´t have my own family at that time and so I decided to adopt a child from Africa. I chose a girl, mainly because girls and women find themselves in more vulnerable positions in Kenya than men and getting an education can really make their lives easier and their futures brighter. The second reason was that my grandmother only had two grandsons from my brother and she desired to have a granddaughter.

And so, in November 2003, I adopted little Phaustine, and my mom got a granddaughter in Africa. Phaustine was 5 years old, the same age as my younger nephew. Together with Phaustine, we lived through her school years as she moved from elementary to high school and finally to university. Her dream used to be to become a lawyer or a nurse but in the end she chose a university in Nairobi where she is currently studying farming. My whole family hopes that all her dreams will come true.

We exchange letters approximately 3 times a year. Phaustine writes to us about life at home and at school as well as about visits to her grandma who lives in the countryside. Every time she also mentions important events from her country as well as weather conditions and how they impact the harvest in Kenya. I write to her about our family and I always try to describe some of our traditions and places in Bohemia and Moravia. And my sons paint pictures for Phaustine and as soon as they learn how to write, they will write to her their own letters as well.

I am always embarrassed when Phaustine expresses her thanks and gratefulness for my support in her letters. And it really moved me when I found out that Phaustine´s parents names their new-born daughter after me – Vivian Lenka. The relationship with Phaustine enriches my life and I am really happy that in this way I can help someone get a better life.

Lenka Rodová