Please help us save the Island of Hope!

We share the challenge of Ken, who was at the birth of the Island of Hope, and our common great desire – to save the Island of Hope, where 550 children are educated daily. Please help us make it come true!

We can do it if we can find other adoptive parents to sponsor some unadopted children from preschool, elementary, or middle school.

We can do it if we find other project partners who will support, for example, the teachers of Island of Hope.

We can do it if we find other project supporters who will support it with any one-off or regular amount.

More information about the project and forms of cooperation can be found here.

Please pass it on! The Island of Hope has been helping in Kenya for 20 years, and we hope to save it and continue to help.

We thank you in advance for your support and wish you a peaceful end of the year,

Your Center Narovinu

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