Project „Kenya“ at Kojetín grammar school

The grammar school at Kojetín is involved in the project „Světová škola“ („World School“ is czech educational project for schools) already 2 years. It practically means that we choose one topic each each, create a team of students – volunteers and we work with this subject during the whole year including real help within the topic.

Cambodia was our subject during first year of the project. One of our students comes from this country  and that is why we chose it. We worked about Ukraine last year as we have students from this state in our school too. We chose a country without any link to our students for school year 2018/2019, nevertheless we hope that this year topic will be similarly succesfull as previous ones.

Our this year subject is Kenya, as you have already got to know at the title of this article. We were searching for a partner with whom we could realize the project and that is how we found Centrum Narovinu organisation, which has an office in Kenya and which works with local communities overthere.

We appreciated a professional approach of Mrs. Simona Heřtusová. She offered us several options how to be involved and support directly in Kenya. As we are a school institution, we chose a support of community centrum Ostrov naděje with kindergarten, basic and high school.

There is visible a lot of work behind us even only the first semestr is gone. From October, students make a short presentation with Kenya topics for students from lower classes of our grammer school. The presentations covered topics abount geography, natur, history and art. Literature, daily life in slums and physical education subjects are coming next. The plan is to play some Kenya game too. We are going to share interesting information about famous Kenya athlets.

Before Christmass, septima students prepared a theatr piece called Kenya is not pink. They rewrote and versified Sleeping Beauty fairytail using Kenya farm as a background. The theatr play was succesful – viewers liked many funny moments and music parts.

We organized a presentation of the whole project during the day of open doors of our grammer school. One class room changed literally to exhibition room and activities of Centrum Narovinu organisation (foundation and support of community center Ostrov Naděje in Kenya) were presented on big format photographs. Fair trade shop products were offered during the exhibition. The interest was quite big, the most in fair trade tea and coffee. Around 200 visitors came to see school during the day of open doors and nearly all of them visited the exhibition for a while at least.

What we are preparing for the second semestr?
We will produce simple school tools for students of Kenya high school. We are going to share with them following topics: school life habits, how we use leisure time, what we like in our countries  and which are our traditions.

Photographs of Ostrov Naděje in will be exposed in Information center Kojetín, from 5th February till 8th March. Visitors will have chance to see pictures of national parks, towns, to meet Kenya history, art and daily life of ordinary people. In March, the exhibition will be moved to shopping mall Galerie in Přerov. The collection of school needs for students in Ostrov naděje in Kenya will be organized together with the exhibition.

We also collect cans in order to get some money from their selling - for buying books for students at Ostrov Naděje. We hope that we collect a lot, as many people is involved – not only from Kojetín, but also from Kroměříž, Prostějov, Chropyně, Němčice nad hanou and from further villages in neighbourhood.

Mgr. Dana Dýmalová

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