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Presentation about life of children in Africa

9.3. 2015 – during The Month of a Book our school library organized a very interesting presentation about life of children in Africa related to Adoption for Distance. The students of the first years took part in this event and they listened to a lecturer Mrs. Vlasta Pauke Dobešová who described her experience from the visit of Kenya showing life in Africa and she also introduced activities of the civic association Centrum Narovinu.

Our students and staff of secondary school Kpt. Jasioka in Havířov-Prostřední Suchá decided spontaneously six years ago to adopt an African girl Clementine Oyugi and they regularly help her with her effort to study at school. Clementine has been studying at secondary school. Students of some classes write her letters, make their own presents for her. We send to Kenya books in English, photos of life at our school, stationery, and little objects that show life in our country. A part of work in our school library is to lead our readers to interest about children in need, anywhere they live. Students have found out surprisingly that it is not common everywhere in the world for children to attend school and how much they have to try to get there. The majority of students met this issue for the first time and they were obviously interested.

We believe that our Clementine will be a good student and she will use everything she will be taught in the African school. We also wish the volunteers of Centrum Narovinu all the best within improving the life conditions of children in distant Kenya.

J. Moldříková – school librarian

The programme of development education at schools Africa with Unusual Eyes

References to the presentation/workshop from 25.2. 2015
Name, school address: ZŠ Masarykova, Polesná 1690, Praha 9 – Újezd nad Lesy
Number of participating classes: 4
Number of participating pupils: 100
The comment of the teacher (description of activities, reference…):

Each two classes had a programme during the first two lessons together. In the first half the children were informed about Kenya as a country, its position on the map of the world, flag, traditions. Later, life of children and school was introduced to them. The presentation was supported by pictures and film shots on introductive table. It was presented in a very pleasant form, adequate to the age of children and obviously it was interesting for them. This was proved by a lot of questions following every speaking section. The videos of specific stories of little pupils in Kenya was very impressive. In the second part of the programme children could put on African clothes, which they accepted with great excitement and they could choose an African mask or a Kenyan flag and draw it. They could also finish an incomplete picture from African area or draw an animal from there. Children and teachers enjoyed the presentation very much. It was inspiring and motivating for the next activity with children during the starting cooperation with a school in Kenya.

In Prague, 20.3. 2015, ZŠ Masarykova, Újezd nad Lesy
Blanka Černá

The programme of development education at schools Africa with Unusual eyes

References to the presentation/workshop from 12.3. 2015
Name, school address: 5. ZŠ Mladá Boleslav
Number of participating classes: 2
Number of participating pupils: 50
The comment of the teacher (description of activities, reference…)

We accepted with pleasure the offer of your representative Mrs. Heřtusová to make a presentation with Hellen Olucusi from Kenya. Everything related to Kenya is very close to us because of our partnership with the local school Eucarbet Academy. We have chosen the 6th years, who are the most interested in sending letters to Kenyan children and we invited other pupils from different classes who have correspondence. During two hours of the chat a very pleasant atmosphere developed, children joined the discussion lively. Some of them tried to ask questions in English, which was very positive, too. Making pictures with Hellen was really emotional for them and the photos appeared on social networks and internet with praising comments. The discussion about African issues and adoption for distance continued in the next lessons. We thank for unusual experience that Hellen and Mrs. Heřtusová provided to us.

Mladá Boleslav, 20.3. 2015
5. ZŠ Mladá Boleslav
Eva Pražáková

Day of Earth untraditionally

On Thursday 30. April 2015 we had a very interesting project day at our school Africa with Unusual Eyes for pupils of the second degree that was prepared by teachers with Mrs. Simona Heřtusová from Centrum Narovinu, which focuses on development cooperation aiming at improving education, health care, and life in Africa generally.

The programme of this day was divided into two parts. Pupils spent one hour in the auditorium with the presentation of life in Africa. Mrs. Heřtusová spoke in an attractive way about her journeys to Kenya and she gained attention of our pupils. She completed her speech about slums, education, health care, life style, adoption for distance with photographs and videos. She also kept answering questions patiently. Mrs. Heřtusová made her presentation four times and she always adjusted it to the age of pupils.

Based on web pages of Centrum Narovinu our teachers prepared a few workshops for pupils. They learned to sing song Jumbo-Kenya in Swahili and played musical instruments of their production. Thanks to the Czech translation they knew what they were singing about. The song says that Kenya is a happy country, that local people don’t accept their problems and they follow the simple “Hakunamatata”. The next lesson the children could appear in Africa. The school hall was full of loud sounds of drums and they were expected by teacher Bedrnová. Pupils in masks according to different African tribes and in skirts in “afro” style repeated after the teacher different dance variations of African songs and they had a lot of fun.

The last activity of pupils from 6.-7. years was a production of toys from waste material.

Pupils of 8.and 9. years made school aids for the school attended by our adopted friend Calvince Almas Otieno. Since 2008 we have been supporting him financially so that he can go to school and we also pay for health insurance. We get the finances from the sale of products from pottery class and of school magazine.

The project day was very positively accepted by children. Pupils worked with joy and interest. They gained new knowledge about Africa in a funny way and they realized the importance and need of adoption for distance.

Mgr. Ivana Kovaříková
ZŠ Nymburk