The Story of David and Doctor Zuzana

When I joined the  Island of Hope project in 2011 as a doctor, I became interested in long-distance adoption project as well. It was the reason why I decided to support some child myself so he or she could go to school. David Odhioambo became my 'adopted son'. He was 8 years old and went to primary school. When I was staying at Rusinga island, we became very close and we still send each other letters. It is from the letters that I learn about the conditions in Rusinga, the weather, how the construction of new school buildings in Hope of Island progresses, what David experienced at school, how they celebrate the Christmas and other holidays and so on.

I always very much look forward to receiving a letter. Since I also paid for David's health insurance, I know from the results of the preventive medical check he does not have any serious health issues.  David is now in 9th class, so he is going to  take very important  leaving exams soon and at the same time, he is going to fight for his acceptance to secondary school. Based on his teacher's feedback, he is popular with his classmates and he is also natural leader. He likes studying, his favorite subjects are sciences and mathematics. He also has very good results, so I hope that he gets accepted to secondary school and will get a chance to study at university as well. It is his dream.

Zuzana Fajkusová,  M.D.