The story of Derrick

When I found out a few years ago about the possibility of adopting an African child, I knew right away that it presented a very unique form of charity. When searching for the right organization, I found Center Narovinu. The possibility of helping one specific child and having regular feedback from both the child and the organization seemed fair to me. The amount of money necessary to cover the child´s school attendance was acceptable and I appreciated the possibility of monthly payments. I thought to myself that I cannot help everyone in the world who needs it, but this form of help is within my power.

And so, with the help of my children, I chose a boy called Derrick, who was a bit older than the other children. Firstly, I thought that older children had a lesser chance at getting adopted and secondly, considering my own age, I wanted to make sure I would be able to support the child until the end of his education.

We were looking forward to the first letter and then all the others. We translated Derrick´s news about his life and stories of Africa which he made up. Furthermore, every letter and story was accompanied by Derrick´s drawings. At the end of each school term, we also received his progress reports as well as the school´s declaration about Derrick´s exams. Despite his results being acceptable, Derrick never forgot to assure us that he would work even harder the next term. We saw he made progress in English, drawing and also other school subjects.

Before Christmas holidays, we sent him small gifts. He was most excited about a T-shirt with a Czech lion, that Czech football players wear. Thanks to the local coordinator, we always received a photo of Derrick, holding the presents we sent him. That assured us that he received everything we sent.

Derrick, his mom and for other siblings became our Kenyan friends. We admired their courage in everyday life. They never complained about the difficult conditions they lived in and always answered our questions by saying that they are doing well, healthy, and happy. They would rather express their concern about us.

It was a great “school of life” for us. We realised how often Czech people complain about everything, always chasing after something, when all we really need is to search for peace and happiness within ourselves. In every letter, Derrick didn´t forget to thank us for our help, which made it possible for him to finish his education.

Nowadays, he has a job, supports his younger sibling, and does sports. He has internet access and his own e-mail address so we can keep in touch, especially through my daughter, who is of similar age as Derrick and who is good at English.

In this way, my children gained another sibling and I gained another child. I hope they will all do well in their lives.

I attach a few drawings from Derrick.

Kind regards,
Věra Kutílková