The story of Vinnie and her five-year-old daughter

Hello, my long-distance adoption adventure is probably nothing special, but I personally enriched this story.

After many years of work, I was honored that I was getting a lot of salary. Before that, I felt that I and my family had the extraordinary fortunes of living in relative abundance, I was able to give the children a very good education, and started to get a little bit of a sense of conscience that I might even have shared with someone. So I started looking for adoptions and I came across Centrum Narovinu page, which was very trusted for me, a simple procedure, fees manageable.

Heavy and, I confess, it was quite unpleasant to choose a child from the database as some goods. It took me a long time to finally think that women have it in these countries harder that it should not be a very young child, because I already have my own years so I can help her as long as possible and it should be a child without Parents.

She always showed us grateful gratitude for supporting her, learning about her sisters, where and how she lived, and then a few times she mentioned that she was lonely and That he finally has a good friend. Three years later, Winnie’s contact was suddenly lost, and in co-operation with your agency, it was time to find out that Winnie had left school, and after a long search of local coordinators we found that Winnie was pregnant and had already given birth to a daughter. Because Winnie has violated the rules, she should have been excluded from the project, but again, thanks to your patience, we have agreed that she will still have a chance.

Today, Winnie is a mature woman, she is a university student, she studies pedagogy, she’s still two years before the end, she’s almost five-year-old daughter, we communicate through mails according to what we have to say. And one day I’d like Winnie and her daughter to visit.

Miroslava Tovarnanska