Supporting education makes sense… Will you join in too?

As part of the program of African Child Adoption – Long Distance Support Project, you can support the youngest children from kindergarten and help them go through the entire education system and enjoy a carefree childhood. You can also find children from different primary school classes who have lost their adoptive parents or high school students who are looking for adoptive parents to complete their secondary education. We also support young mothers who have studied very well and would like to complete higher education so that they have a chance to get a better job and take better care of their children.

Can we find support for Mary, Clinton and Sharon? More information about the program and the entire database of children can be found here.

Mary comes from a traditional fishing family on the island of Rusinga, she loves to play with the ball and "cook".
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Clinton is in his 3rd year of Island of Hope High School. His parents died and Clinton lives with his grandmother. who does not manage to finance all family expenses.
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Sharon graduated from high school in 2019 as the fourth best student in the class, she had a child in 2020, but she would like to continue her education.
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