We are celebrating the 18th birthday of Adoption of African Children with beautiful stories

The Distance Adoption project celebrated the age of majority in 2020 – beautiful eighteenths. We were preparing a celebration, but the situation was not good for the celebration… So we celebrated with beautiful online stories. Every week, since November, we have published one story of a supported child and one story “Thank you for your support.” We will introduce eighteen supported children – and we will look at the places where the families live, we will see what the schools look like, where children go, what children do in their free time and what families live on… And in eighteen stories “Thank you for your support” we will introduce you the adoptive parents, volunteers and project supporters who support this children’s education in Kenya.

All stories can be found on our website or facebook.com/CentrumNarovinu.

Supporting education makes sense! Will you join us too?

» 18 stories of supported children

» 18 stories “Thank you for your support”