We get the most important key in life, and that is education

Dobry den, Jmanui se Hellen Amukoa Olukusi.Jsem zi Keni mesta Nairobi. Mam Ctry bratry v Keni a dva bratry z Ceska Repblice.” Wow! that is how I can remember little introduction in Czech language.

Hello. Am Hellen Amukoa. I am one of the beneficiary of the Long Distance adoption project.I was adopted in the year 2002. My parents names are Pavel and Jarmila from Liberec. They have educated me in kindergarten school, primary school, secondary school and now am in college and am so delighted that i got this chance to be educated. They are making sure that am in the medical cover that is supporting me with treatment whenever am sick. They have really done a lot for me and my family and we humbly appreciate for all their support. Am much blessed to have these my loving and caring parents.

I was to study Veterinary medicine but unfortunately my Secondary education results did not qualify me to do it. But on the other hand, I realized that I like cooking and have interest in it, So I decided to do Hotel management and catering. I want to be one of the big Chefs and establish my own Hotel in the country. I will be much happy to see the long distance adoption parents including my parents spending their nights in my hotel.

Wow! the day that my adoptive parents came to Kenya, I was not believing my eyes. I thought I was dreaming but coming to reality, I was seeing my parents for the very first time and the tears of joy were just on my chick. We spend our time together and enjoyed every moments that we shared together. It was a happy moments!
I visited my parents in Czech Republic. My time in Czech Republic was the most beautiful part of my life and the most experienced one that i will never forget in both my current life and future life. I came across new things and learned a lot day by day. Wow, I have really missed my life in Czech Republic. The beautiful castles, beautiful environment, new dishes of meals, the Czech language itself etc., and the most of all the Czech people. The Czech people are so loving, caring and kind. I really love them. I remember many amazing things there in Czech Republic in deed.

I love my parents so much that I cant forget them in my entire life. They have really laid a good foundation for my life. I and my family in Kenya, we are very happy and delighted for my adoptive parents. I would also like to thank my brothers and my grandmother from Czech Republic. Votes of thanks to my parents and all the adoptive parents in the Centrum Narovinu for all the support towards Kenyan children. You have really helped the less fortunate children with poor background to be able to get the most important key in life, that is education. On behalf of long distance adopted children, I say thank you very much! “Ahoj!”

Hellen Amukoa Olukusi