We were among the first to conclude the adoption agreement

Me and my husband were not even 30, and we did not have our own children yet when we saw a spot on the distant adoption in Kenya. Its motto was: You can change life of kid in Kenya for less than price of 1 coffee cup per day. We liked that since the amount of 20 CZK was affordable even for young couple. And for this money, one kid can go to school? Whow, great! We were one of the first people to sign the adoption contract. We chose 5 years old girl Maureni Achieng. We thought that in general, the girls have more difcult life in the developing world and we wanted as small child as possible so we could support him or her for a long time.

This is where our children were born, and now they send letters to their older “sister” in English. It is nice that Maureni depreciates especially to my son, daughter and us, parents. Her letters are very personal, answer questions, interest in us, children, and never forget to thank for the support.

This is why I would like to thank Narovinu Center for enabling the adoption which makes us extremely happy for 15 years already!

Petra Augustová with family

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