Why adopt a teacher?

Quality and progressive teachers are the basis of a good school. They spend a lot of time every day with children and have an influence not only on their knowledge, but also on the formation of their personalities. That is why teachers are an important part of the Island of Hope Community Centre Project on Rusinga Island in Kenya, and that is why we place great emphasis on their selection and professional development.

We try to secure teachers' salaries from various sources. These are, for example, contributions from many donors ("adoptive parents" of the Adoption of African Children project, collections, donations, proceeds from charity events, sponsorship partnerships) or from the sale of our Fair Trade products. We also try to communicate and secure local donors (state institutions and the private sector in Kenya). We perceive more sources of financing as a condition for a good, sustainable development project. Funding all employees and keeping the community centre running is very challenging, and various financial donations and collections are an unstable source of funding. Therefore, we are always looking for new ways and we believe that the opportunity to adopt teachers will appeal to new donors and will have a positive impact on the operation of the entire centre of the Island of Hope.