Why is teacher adoption tied to job position?

As is common everywhere, there is staff turnover at our school. There are various reasons for this: Teacher mobility, a career based alternative, family or personal based reasons, etc. If the teacher leaves, we will always look for an adequate replacement for him/her, ideally with the same level of approval and then with the same combination of subjects he/she can teach.

In the case of our teachers, this fluctuation is also affected by the fact that we are not a school run by the state (where teachers have, in addition to a higher salary, also secured, other benefits, such as a pension) and we are currently unable to offer these benefits. If a teacher receives an offer to be placed in a public school, he/she often accepts it under family pressure and goes to teach in a more remote area and to some school where he/she does not have such a quality background for teaching. We are then forced to look for a new teacher yet we still hope that the new forms of teaching that our teachers have previously adopted will be used in their new school and that he or she will continue to inspire new future colleagues with their own innovative way of teaching and approaches to children.

Overall therefore, and regarding this project, it is certainly possible to support the job position or role, since the composition of the subjects being taught remains more or less unchanged, even if people themselves can change naturally.