Adoption - Steven Odhiambo Otieno

Child number: 52640
Steven Odhiambo Otieno was adopted in year 2017 and he is going to school Island of Hope Humanist School.
City, quarter: Rusinga Island Kamasengre West (Nyangera)
State: Kenya
Mother: Maurine Akeyo Otieno, birth 1988, house wife
Father: Henry Otieno Odero, birth 1983, fishing
Description of the situation: Steven is the only child in the family at present, the father does fishing while the mother is a house wife. Their income he gets is very little to provide for the basic needs in life to the family (2,300 KES per month). They live in semi-permanent house of thier own that has three rooms. They cook on the firea nd take water from the lake. They use kerosene and solar energy for lighting. Steven is doing well health wise at present. In 2018 he would like to join a nursery in Community Center Island of Hope. Adoption of this child is 2400 CZK/100 Eur per term.
Contact: Veronika Spiegelová, veronika.spiegelova@adopceafrika.cz, tel. +420 608 215 450