15 years of Adoption of African Children – Project of Long Distance Help

Press release
Centre Narovinu
22nd May 2017

On the occasion of the Day of Africa on May 25 2017 AFRO TRAM will pass through Prague. This event starts a month of the campaign of strong stories from long distance adoption.

Thursday May 25, 2:15 PM, Vozovna Střešovice (Patočkova 4, Prague 6). Tram will leave at 2:30 PM and will be seen in the city centre until 5:30 PM.

15 years of Distance Adoption Project - more than 4,000 children got a chance for a better future! The project helps not only to particular children, but also to the whole families and communities. After 15 years of experience we say: It Makes Sense! Our children have graduated, now they have a job, they have become responsible parents, they are helping as volunteers and spreading the help within communities...

This project and the Day of Africa we perceive as extremely important and symbolic these days! Every day, starting from May 25, we will publish one strong story of adoptive parents, children from the program and volunteers. One of the stories about how the project specifically helps is available at: centernarovinu.org/it-makes-sense-15-years-distant-adoption-project

Campaign will be ended by Multicultural Festival „Narovinu Afrika Fest“ on June 18 2017 on the boat Cargo on Prague „Náplavka“. Symbolically on the occasion of the Day of the African Child celebrated on June 16. Every child on this planet deserves a chance for dignified life!

For 15 years, the Czechs have been helping to diminish tendencies towards intolerance, xenophobia and racism (originated from fear of migration) via long distance adoption. Solidarity and willingness to help is the only way out of the current world situation.

We wish you beautiful days and thank you for paying attention to our activities!
Kind regards, Simona Heřtusová

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