30, 60 or 90 CZK? Donor´s SMS: simple support right from your mobile phone

Your contribution will specifically support the sustainability of the Island of Hope community center in Kenya, which is every day attended by more than 500 children. It includes nursery, primary and boarding high school, orphanage, medical center with 24h operation, library with computer classroom and farm. The community center has also recently established fish farm in Victoria lake. Earnings from fish production will financially support child nourishment and community center functions – health, social and educational services.

Your ongoing DMS support will not burden your budget and it will make it easier for us to achieve long-term sustainable goals. Thank you for your support!

How to send Donor SMS (DMS)?

Do you like our project of the Island of Hope community center in Kenya? Do you want to support it directly from your mobile phone? You can send a one-time or permanent DMS!

If you send an SMS to the number 87 777: DMS OSTROVNADEJE 30 or DMS OSTROVNADEJE 60 or DMS OSTROVNADEJE 90, you will support our project one-time. The DMS price is 30, 60 or 90 CZK, Island of Hope Project receives 29 or 59 or 89 CZK.

Do you want to support your favourite project long term?

We will receive the chosen amount from you every month until you decide to withdraw your permission.

For long-term support write to the number 87 777: DMS TRV OSTROVNADEJE 30 or DMS TRV OSTROVNADEJE 60 or DMS TRV OSTROVNADEJE 90. The DMS price is 30, 60 or 90 CZK, the recipient will receive 29, or 59 or 89 CZK each month.

You can stop the support at any time by sending an SMS: STOP OSTROVNADEJE to the same number, 87 777.

We thank you for your support in advance and look forward to another form of cooperation.


All about DMS at www.darcovskasms.cz