How do we want to achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency?

1) Expanding the farm –  growing corn and beans, orchard, chicken breeding and insect g farm to provide a complete diet program for children. From the sale of surpluses we gain funds for sustainability and self-sufficiency of the project..

2) Fishing – fish farming in ponds and cages on Lake Victoria for children´s food fortification, from the sale of surpluses we raise additional funding for sustainable and self-sufficient project.

3) Biogas toilets – the use of organic material from toilets for production of gas for cooking and fertilization.

4) Production and sale of soapstone products, the establishment of small cooperatives – workshops for local women to increase their employment opportunities in the area and provide necessary funding for project development.

5) FairTrade shop with quality Kenyan coffee, tea and typical Kenyan products and artefacts – 100% of the income is returned to the project and its sustainability.

6) Rental of equipment – tractor, car, pump

7) Paid Computer Classes – the use of a newly built computer room

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