Business Partnership

„Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.“ (William Clay Ford Jr., Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company)

We are searching for new business partners for the project Island of Hope, a community centre on Rusinga Island in Kenya.

By entering into a partnership with a singular project such as this, companies gain competitive advantages for their business – along with the non-profit sector, they support social responsibility, they are successful and at the same time beneficial to society.

Why cooperate with us in particular? The project is unique in our complex approach towards problems, which we solve on site and with the local Kenyan community, exclusively. Thanks to our team of experienced people and proven know-how, we are nearing complete self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability. The situation in developing countries concerns us all and so a it is our responsibility to prevent the consequences of extreme poverty.

One of the trends of competitive ability in the 21st century is a type of leadership associated with the so-called „fight for the good thing“. Explore the ways of cooperation – there are many and we are open to all kinds of approaches.

We are offering mutually profitable and beneficial cooperation. Support the project Island of Hope – a community centre on Rusinga Island in Kenya with your experience, a financial or material donnation and take an active part in its creation.

If you are interested in further details regarding the project or arranging a meeting, please contact:

Dana Feminová
tel.: 777 711 911
Executive Director, the main coordinator of development cooperation projects