What do you get?

  • Strengthening the reputation of your company. The moral responsibility of the company is building its reputation, inspires confidence and strengthens its brand. So it can identify a clear positive and direct impact of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) on the image of the company. CSR can also help to increase company´s credibility in the market and to acquire new partners. CSR forms an important aspect of the actual value of the company. You will be a socially responsible company and get into people's consciousness in a different context than only through the sale of your goods and services.

  • Competitive advantage. For three-quarters of the population (while buying products and services) is important whether company is socially responsible or not.

  • Regular information about the use of your donation and about the project.

  • Tax benefits. Your contributions can be subtracted from the tax base (in case of donation) or you can add them to the costs (in case of advertising). We will prepare all necessary documents for you.

  • The loyalty of your employees. Employees appreciate companies that actively contribute to society and fight for "a good thing".

  • Different promotion of your company. We place your logo on our website, in a newsletter, etc.

  • Gratifying feeling that you are helping where it is most needed.

  • The opportunity to participate directly in the development of specific meaningful project , co-create it, and move it forward through your own experience and ideas.

  • Opportunity to personally visit Rusinga Island in Kenya and see how the project works and approaches its sustainability. We will be happy to assist you with the organization of the visit.

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