Why cooperate with us?

This project is unique for its complexity of problem solving and also for its wide-range of topics - health care, sex education, awareness and prevention, agriculture, crafts manufacture, sustainable technologies, innovative approaches to education from kindergarten to high school, social care, the status of women in the society.

We seek sustainability of our project and active cooperation with the local Kenyan community. Real partnership between local people and the people from Europe, is a guarantee of mutual enrichment. We try to break down myths and stereotypes, bring new perspectives and creative solutions, explain need of critical thinking, but at the same time we absolutely respect cultural differences. The local community knows best its needs. With the help of various partners from non-profit and private sector local people via very active approach try to create favorable conditions and achieve complete self-sufficiency and sustainability. The project supports the autonomy of the local population. Connect name of your company with this project and take advantage of positive publicity to promote your activities. This is a complex of buildings that are already built.

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Island of Hope Community Centre1.36 MB