Collection of things for Kenya

By the end of August, a container will be sent to Kenya with a collection of things for the community center Island of Hope. We collect especially those things that can be brought or sent to the office of Centrum Narovinu (Sokolská 32, Prague 2, in working days from 9am to 5pm or by the agreement):

1) ENGLISH BOOKS for children and adults in printed and electronic forms for newly built library

2) COMPUTERS for a computer schoolroom, a secondary school and administrative base of the whole center (suitable are also older used and functional computers and accessories)

3) TEACHING AIDS (laboratory equipment for physics, chemistry, biology, educational posters, maps, Montessori aids, calculators)

4) WRITING and ART SUPPLIES (pencils, pens, crayons, chalks, markers, watercolors, colored papers, notebooks, papers, scissors, rulers, ...)

5) FOR THE ORPHANAGE – games, sports equipment, toys, …

6) FOR KINDERGARDEN – outdoor playground (climbing frames, seesaws, trampolines, carousels ...)


8) OTHER – digital cameras, etc. are welcome as well

Thank you for your support and we wish you a beautiful summer days.