How to send a letter or a parcel to Kenya?

1. The package size should not exceed the A4 envelope size and the weight can be maximum 1 kg. Do not send expensive or large things. The less noticeable the package is, the better.

2. It is allowed to send a package only three times a year, letters are unlimited.

3. Do not send the package by registered post.

4. Be careful to write the exact address (it is the same for all children):

P.O.BOX 14633 – 00100 NAIROBI

5. The return address is as follows:

Centrum Narovinu
Sokolská 32
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic, Europe

6. Write your child's number and his/her name to the bottom left corner, and the name of their coordinator in Kenya under your child's name. The name of your child's coordinator in Kenya is written on the contract.

7. Write „PRESENT FOR CHILD“ on the envelope.

8. Write your child's number on all the items in the package. In case the package arrives damaged or opened and the address gets lost, it will be impossible to recognize who the package belongs to.

9. Remember you are sending a package to Africa so it can happen that it arrives damaged or is not delivered at all.

THINGS TO SEND: dolls, books (paperbacks), pens, pencil boxes, jumping ropes, coloring books, chalks, soft toys, small hard candies, vitamins (please enclose English information about the dosage)

DO NOT SEND: weapons, money, balls, shoes, clothes, electronics, watches – these articles are liable to customs duty which must be paid by the coordinator!

10. Please do not expect an immediate answer from Kenya. All letters are dealt with in our office only three times a year, together with school certificates. Your coordinator in the Czech Republic regularly receives the list of all incoming packages, ask him for confirmation.

How to address the envelope correctly (sample) :


Sokolská 1802/32
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic, Europe

„PRESENT FOR CHILD“                           CENTRUM NAROVINU
501                                                          P.O.BOX 14633 – 00100 NAIROBI
Susan Shivuli                                            KENYA
Ken Okongo

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