How to send a letter or a parcel to Kenya?

1. Send the parcel or letter directly to Kenya. Please do not send it by registered post.

2. The size of the parcel should not exceed the size of an A4 envelope and the weight of 1 kilogram. Please do not send any valuable and/or large items. Make the parcel as inconspicuous as possible, becauseit will higher the chances of it getting where it is supposed to.

The approximate price of postage tariffs in Kenya by Czech Post (December 8th, 2021)


Up to 50 g

45,- Kč


Up to 100 g

65,- Kč

Parcel (bubble wrap envelope A4 – 35 x 25 x 2 cm)

Up to 500 g

204,- Kč

Up to 1 000 g

347,- Kč

If a height is greater than 2 cm, postage is more expensive!

3. You are allowed to send only 3 parcels/year, but unlimited number of letters.

4. The address is the same for all children:

Envelope sample

Centrum Narovinu
Oldřichova 358/21
128 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic, Europe




Joseph Ochieng
Joash Okongo

Centrum Narovinu
P.O.BOX 14633–00100

Centrum Narovinu
P.O.BOX 14633 – 00100

5. Return address should always be as follows:

Centrum Narovinu
Oldřichova 358/21
128 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic, Europe

6. In the down left corner, write the number of the child and his/her full name.Underneath, put the name of the coordinator in Kenya. You can find the name of the coordinator in your adoption contract, which you received from our Prague office (in the down right corner).

7. Please mark the envelope „PRESENT FOR CHILD“.

8. Put the number of your child on each item in your parcel in case the parcel gets damaged (or opened for security reasons). That way, it will be clear, whom the presents belong to.

9. Please bear in mind, that the main mission of the adoption program is to support the child’s education and the presents should mainly serve the child´s further (educational) development. Also remember, that the parcel can get damaged or lost during the transport to Africa. In Kenya each parcel gets opened at the post office and checked for security and declaration reasons. All declaration costs (customs duty) must be paid by our Kenyan office. To avoid unnecessary expanses, please follow the rules in this document.

10. Recommended items: books, pens/pencils, pen case, colouring books, chalks, doll, small teddy bear, beads,knitting set + wool, crochet set, hard candy,mechanical torch, waterbottle, tooth paste + tooth brush, washable women’s hygienic items with description. If you want to send a ball, it must be deflated and sent together with a pump.

11. Do not send!!! Any spray cans (pressure bottles), food, guns, money, shower gel, body lotion, (liquids in general - they could leak due to bad manipulation with the parcel, and also African skin is different from ours and asks for different cosmetics), electronics, a watch, clothes, shoes – the office must pay high declaration fee (customsfuty) for them.

12. All Czech/Slovakian coordinators get regular feedback/information from Kenya about delivered letters and parcels and will inform you about the delivery.Please do not expect an answer/thank you for your letter from Kenya straight away. All letters go through our Kenyan office - 3 times a year along with progress reports.

Thank you.

Nice days,


Centrum Narovinu

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