We wanted to offer a helping hand – for better or for worse

It´s almost 5 years since me and my colleges from work started discussing the possibility of long-distance adoption. It has been so long that I don´t even remember who found this project first but soon enough we were searching the website, trying to find a child who needed our help the most. 

We ended up choosing Margharet by drawing. Margharet studies in high school Kiambogo secondary school and her results are not so great. At least judged by our standards, which focus mainly on the grades.

However, when I look at her position in class, I usually find out that despite her grades, she is among the best third of the class of 33 people. One time she even got the 7th place. We know that her poorer results are influenced by her family situation. Margharet has many siblings and so she is spending a lot of her time on helping at home instead of studying. Overall her living conditions aren´t exactly conducive to her “study spirit”. But we know that she tries her best, mainly for herself and her future.

Some adoptive parents would maybe consider terminating the adoption because of the child´s seeming failures. But not us. It´s hard to imagine just how well/poorly we would be able to perform in such conditions, without electricity and other basic modern conveniences such as water supply.

We wanted to offer a helping hand – for better or for worse.

Andrea Kocourková