PF 2018

Dear adoptive parents, friends and fans of Centrum Narovinu. Thank you for all your support which we appreciate very much. We wish you a merry Christmas and a great new year filled with joy, love and happiness. Looking forward to another year spent together.


New Year´s Fundraiser for the Island of Hope Clinic

Donate 180,- Kč in support of the Island of Hope clinic and as a thank you gift we will send you the 2018 Island of Hope calendar.☺The donation will be used to buy medicine and medical material, and to cover salaries of the hospital staff. The clinic has over 15000 registered patients, an ambulance license and also offers hospitalization. It is open 24/7 and it is offers an indispensable refuge for the local people.


15 years of AdopceAfrika.cz – Pay it forward, it makes sense!

Get to know Maureen and her story. Thanks to the support, she is studying at university now and wants to be a journalist. Become a part of someone's story too! Supporting education makes sense!
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Island of Hope has a new kitchen with a dining hall

Thanks a lot to all of you who contributed to a new kitchen and a dining hall for 500 children. The fund-raising campaign ran from February 2016 to October 2017. The building is in service now, its open terrace working as a leisure-time and evening-activities centre of the whole Island of Hope.


Examples of interesting extra payments

Extra payments are extraordinary one-time payments that adoptive parents can send to their children in addition to the regular payments for school fees. The extra payments can serve various purposes: they can be used to help the family in a difficult life situation (for example by buying food), to buy a bicycle or a  laptop (which will help the students in their studies), to support a business idea (of students that have already finished their education), etc. We have decided to limit the number of extra payments due to organizational and personal reasons to  one payment per trimester and we always try to make sure the payment is really needed.


GIVT – click and help!

Thank you for your online help! The amount of Kč 1 143,- has been spent on food for children from the Island of Hope community centre. Although the project includes breeding fish, farming chickens, and growing fruit and vegetables, it isn't still easy to provide 500 boarders with food every day. Thanks for your help and support!


Gift certificates “Pay it forward” help children in Kenya

The Narovinu Center started in 2014 a campaign ‘Pay it forward’ to support its development projects in Kenya. In this campaign, it is possible to contribute with one-time donation to specific items for Adoption of African children – long distance support project or community centre of ‘Island of Hope’ on Rusinga Island.
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AdopceAfrika.cz – 15 years of powerful stories

We would like to thank to all adoptive parents, children and volunteers from the program for their touching stories they sent us. We very much appreciate your help. Jitka Ježková, Marcela Březinová or Filip Rajmont also belong to the group of the adoptive parents. You can read the stories of 15 years of adoption on AdopceAfrika.cz or look at the photo gallery on facebook. It makes a difference, please share it!