Fish Farming on Lake Victoria

Rusinga Island is one of the biggest islands on Lake Victoria with population about 30,000 inhabitants, of whom about half are children under 15 years. This very poor area has one of the highest mortality rates in the county, and therefore a large numbers of orphans. The island is strongly affected by the presence of malaria, HIV/AIDS, typhoid fever, TB, parasitic and other diseases. Fishing is the main economic activity in this region..


Bulletin – October 2017 (printed version for download)

Who is in the team of Center Narovinu? Introducing Ken, Carol, Irene and Mercy * Fish Farming on Lake Victoria * School project of adoption for distance * Actress Barbara Munzarová supports the project AdopceAfrika.cz * What can influence the performance of children in Kenyan schools? * Examples of interesting extra payments * Club of Friends of Adoption * Gift certificates “Pay it forward” help children in Kenya
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AdopceAfrika.cz – 15 years of powerful stories

We would like to thank to all adoptive parents, children and volunteers from the program for their touching stories they sent us. We very much appreciate your help. Jitka Ježková, Marcela Březinová or Filip Rajmont also belong to the group of the adoptive parents. You can read the stories of 15 years of adoption on AdopceAfrika.cz or look at the photo gallery on facebook. It makes a difference, please share it!


AdopceAfrika.cz – Victor’s visit in the Czech Republic

Victor from Kenya who was part of the long-distance adoption program visited in July his parents and friends he keeps in touch with. Česká televize (public Czech TV station) and Český rozhlas (public Czech radio station) also came to the meeting. Reportage of Česka televize in Události (main TV Journal). Reportage of Český rozhlas in afternoon edition of Radiožurnál. » Victor's story
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Fair shop – give presents with story

Have a look in the manufactory of the Island of Hope, where the soak stone products are made, decorated and painted. Fair shop, it also means direct import from Kenya without any middlemen – coffee, tea, soak stone products, jewellery, earrings, wood and iron products. And also gift certificates and packages, bags, t-shirts, badges. Find an inspiration for presents for your family, business partners or employees… 100 % of the income goes to the Island of Hope Community Centre on Rusinga Island.
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Partnership program of Czech and Kenya schools

Children from Czech schools sent to Kenya beautiful cards and coloured postcards for 15 years of AdopceAfrika.cz. We would like to thank the following schools: primary school Dacice, Praha 5 Barrandov, Opava, Plzeň, Řečany nad Labem, Vlkava kindergarden and Youth Centre Mnichovo Hradiště. We are looking forward to the answers from the partner schools. More about the program Africa seen with unusual eyes at schools or in photogalery.  


GIVT.cz – click and help

We want to thank you for thinking of us while shopping on Internet. You can support us by 1 click only in the internet project Givt.cz, and it does not cost you any additional money. You just have to install a simple add-in of your web browser that will make sure that you do not forget to click on GIVT while shopping. Whenever you visit an e-shop supported by GIVT, the application will make you aware of this option.
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Actress Barbara Munzarová supports the project AdopceAfrika.cz

We live in a chaotic world. On a daily basis, populist media purposefully feed us with catastrophic news about approaching world disasters, worries about terrorism and fear of Islam. I made a free, autonomous decision to live in a world without fear and panic. And so I slowly, step by step, started trying to fight chaos, societal fear, and negative atmosphere by doing something good, helpful, and positive.