Journey Full of Surprise – an adoptive teacher in Kenya

How about spending a part of teacher's summer holiday at school? Quite crazy, isn't it? But I have tried it and I can't appreciate it more. I learned about Centre Narovinu 9 years ago, when our school adopted a Kenyan girl by this organisation. I have been following their activities since then, I was at meetings with Kenyan coordinators as well. And I have to add, I admire what they have done on Rusinga Island at Victoria Lake , the project called Island of Hope.


Fair-trade shop of Centre Narovinu

We are preparing a special Christmas offer for you this year – do not forget our fair-trade shop when you choose presents for your friend, employees or company partners. We offer direct trade presents with a story that please somebody and also support projects in Kenya. What makes our Kenyan coffee and tea special?


Energy of a calendar full of strong children's stories – August

My world – my energy, such is the subtitle of the calendar of the Europe Easy Energy Company for the year 2016. It is dedicated to twelve children of Kenya, whose education is sponsored by the company through our organization. We bring the eighth August story of Moureen.


Picnic with a Kenyan student Diana

Press Release of Centrum Narovinu. Wednesday, 27/07 – Prague Vyšehrad – 4 – 7 PM Park in front of the Old Burgraviate. In bad weather the meeting will take place in a cafe of Old Burgraviate. Picnic with a Kenyan student Diana, her adoptive parent and the Centrum Narovinu. Diana arrived at the invitation of her adoptive parents, who supports her education for already six years.


Collection for Kenya

You can support further development of our Community centre Island of Hope at the Rusinga Island in Kenya by donating books in English, used computer/notebook in good condition, sewing machine and musical instrument. You can bring it or send it to Centrum Narovinu at Sokolská 32, Praha 2 (subway station I.P. Pavlova), from Monday till Friday 9:00 -17:00 or we can agree on other time as well. Collection is till 31st August 2016.
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Actress Barbara Munzarová supports the projects of the Center Narovinu

"Even in today´s busy and often selfish times, it is possible to create something unique, beneficial, even miraculous in an almost opposite part of the world," says Bára Munzarová – an actress and adoptive mother of a boy in Kenya.


Internet project Givt – click and help

It has been exactly 14 months since Givt exists and non-profit institutions were already supported by an amount of over 250 000 CZK. You can choose out of 339 e-shops, for instance Zoot, Baťa, Dáme jídlo, Čedok, Tescoma, Tchibo, Dormeo etc. You are shopping and Givt is sending money to non-profitable organisations. You do not pay any extra money and support those who you like. You can also support Centrum Narovinu by your purchase. Thank you.