Bulletin – February 2017 (printed version for download)

Volunteers wanted * Who is in the team of Center Narovinu? We are introducing Hanka, Lenka, Jitka * Club of Friends of Adoption * We are looking for an adoptive parent for Gilack * Why have I applied for my internship at Narovinu Centre? * News from the community centre on Rusinga Island, Western Kenya * What is new in fundraising? * From adoption to Fair Trade Shop * Fair-trade shop helps children from the community centre Island of Hope in Kenya * Journey to Island of Hope and visiting my adoptive son Cindy * Partnership between Czech and Kenyan schools
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Travel to Kenya 2017

Follow the monthly business trip to Kenya by Dana Feminová – as usual the travel is full of meetings, consultations, and various appointments. Route plan: Nairobi – The Community center Island of Hope on Rusinga Island – Coordinators meeting in Mombasa – Nairobi.


PF 2017

Thank you for all your support. We wish you peaceful Christmas holidays and a lot love, joy, health and shared experiences in the upcoming year. Your Center Narovinu
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Pass it on – Even the changing of a single human story makes a big difference!

The video spot supports Island of Hope, a self-sufficient and self-sustainable community center, which we have been creating on Rusinga Island in Kenya. The project was launched in 2003. Nowadays, it is daily visited by over 400 children and it consists of an orphanage for 72 children aged 3 to 18, Montessori kindergarten for 90 children, elementary school for 300 children, educational center with a library, workroom for making soapstone products, health clinic for approximately 10 000 patients from the area, and a farm with an irrigation system, fruit trees, as well as fish and poultry breeding. We are also in the process of building a boarding high school for 120 students.
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Fellowship for University students in the Center Narovinu

Are you interested in the problems of developing world and would you like to obtain experience within a non-profit organization? Do you have good communication skills, are you creative and do you enjoy learning new things? No difficulties using computers and speaking English? You must be the right person for an internship we offer within our organization.
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Actress Barbara Munzarová supports the projects of the Center Narovinu

"Even in today´s busy and often selfish times, it is possible to create something unique, beneficial, even miraculous in an almost opposite part of the world," says Bára Munzarová – an actress and adoptive mother of a boy in Kenya.


Internet project Givt – click and help

It has been exactly 14 months since Givt exists and non-profit institutions were already supported by an amount of over 250 000 CZK. You can choose out of 339 e-shops, for instance Zoot, Baťa, Dáme jídlo, Čedok, Tescoma, Tchibo, Dormeo etc. You are shopping and Givt is sending money to non-profitable organisations. You do not pay any extra money and support those who you like. You can also support Centrum Narovinu by your purchase. Thank you.