Actress Barbara Munzarová supports the project AdopceAfrika.cz

We live in a chaotic world. On a daily basis, populist media purposefully feed us with catastrophic news about approaching world disasters, worries about terrorism and fear of Islam. I made a free, autonomous decision to live in a world without fear and panic. And so I slowly, step by step, started trying to fight chaos, societal fear, and negative atmosphere by doing something good, helpful, and positive.


15 years of AdopceAfrika.cz – Stories of adoptive parents, children, and volunteers from the program

On the occasion of the Day of Africa (May 25th) we started a campaign of moving stories of Adoption of African children – project of long-distance support. Every day, we share one story of either adoptive parents, children, or volunteers from the program. The campaign will finish on Sunday Jun 18th, when a multicultural festival Narovinu Afrika Fest will take place, on Cargo ship on the bank of the Vltava river in Prague. We chose Jun 18th as it comes shortly after the Day of African Child, which is celebrated on the Jun 16th. It makes a difference – every child on this planet deserves a chance at a dignified life.


15 years of Adoption of African Children – Project of Long Distance Help

On the occasion of the Day of Africa on May 25 2017 AFRO TRAM will pass through Prague. This event starts a month of the campaign of strong stories from long distance adoption.
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It Makes Sense! 15 years of Distant Adoption project

In May 2002, the first 100 children took a seat behind the school desks. After 15 years in operation, thanks to your support, more than 4,000 children got the chance for a better future. Those children have begun to fulfil their dreams. The project is of a great benefit not only for them but also for whole families and communities. Thank you! Together we are altering particular human destinies. It makes sense!


Internet project GIVT.cz – click and help

The contribution was collected from 45 purchases. The highest amount credited from your purchase was 157 CZK, the lowest 1 CZK. People who contributed to us were buying mostly on these e-shops: Dáme jídlo, Mall, Stoklasa, Zoot, Booking, Lékárna and Pilulka. More than 2,600 non-profit organizations and 800 e-shops are involved in the Givt.cz project. The portal has already reallocated more than 945,000 CZK to included organizations.


The Island of Hope. Support us on the road to self-sufficiency!

Community Centre The Island of Hope is truly comprehensive project, attended daily by more than 500 children. The centre has a total of 47 employees, 65 children in orphanages, 93 children in nursery school, 272 children at elementary school, 31 high school students, 231 children adopted for normal contribution, 67 children adopted for double contribution, 15,120 registered patients on the clinic, 68 births in 2016, 197 hens on the farm, 2 breeding ponds for tilapia, 6 breeding cages for tilapia right in Victoria Lake.
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Bulletin – February 2017 (printed version for download)

Volunteers wanted * Who is in the team of Center Narovinu? We are introducing Hanka, Lenka, Jitka * Club of Friends of Adoption * We are looking for an adoptive parent for Gilack * Why have I applied for my internship at Narovinu Centre? * News from the community centre on Rusinga Island, Western Kenya * What is new in fundraising? * From adoption to Fair Trade Shop * Fair-trade shop helps children from the community centre Island of Hope in Kenya * Journey to Island of Hope and visiting my adoptive son Cindy * Partnership between Czech and Kenyan schools
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Travel to Kenya 2017

Follow the monthly business trip to Kenya by Dana Feminová – as usual the travel is full of meetings, consultations, and various appointments. Route plan: Nairobi – The Community center Island of Hope on Rusinga Island – Coordinators meeting in Mombasa – Nairobi.